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do not use anorexic as a synonym for slender or thin. it is not an adjective. it is an illness that takes lives.

also there are plenty of people with anorexia who do not appear “thin.” in fact anorexia often progresses a fair amount before it ever becomes visible to others. there are anorexic people of all sizes.

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Please eat, imagine if in 30 years time you’re still living with this horrible illness because you didn’t make the decision to recover now. Eat that cake and buttery toast before bedtime, have a milky hot chocolate with melted marshmallows in it because although those things seem very significant now, in the bigger picutre they’re really not. In 30 years time you won’t even remember eating the ‘scary foods’ but what you will remember is spending what’s meant to be the best years of your life worrying about grams of fat, sugar and calories.


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